Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Send us your PICTURES!!!

Send in your pictures for the class DVD to be played on Friday night!!! Thanks to Doug's lovely wife Jessica, we will have a DVD playing Friday night of "pictures from the past." Therefore, we need you to send in your pics that represent our senior year Pictures must be received by June 10th (which is just a couple weeks away). Each person is allowed just 2 photos, since we have such a large graduating class and you can imagine the time that would take to put these into the DVD. You can submit any type of "tasteful" photos...group pics, friend pics, Glamour Shots (not encouraged), funny pics, sad pics, whatever pics. We're excited to see all of them! Once again, they must be sent in by June 10th in order to leave time for the creation process. Your pics will most likely be scans, since we graduated in the Ice Age. When you scan your photos, please make sure the files are not gargantuan. You can do this by scaning them at 300 dpi, which is standard. If you have any other questions shoot us an e-mail.

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Shellyce Keyes said...

I am putting a blog together for my husband's (Kyle Keyes, E.J.'s younger brother) class 2002. I was wonder (because I'm not a viking) where you found that cool picture of the viking.