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Class of '98 Today...

Shanna Lillywhite

How can we be having a 10 year reunion when I am still 22?!? I can't believe how quickly time has flown. Here's the run-down on my last 10 years ... Right after graduation, I spent four great years at BYU and graduated in 2002 with a degree in Business, Financial Services. Prior to my senior year year there, I drove across the country for a summer internship in Washington DC, where I didn't know a single soul. When people asked me if I'd move back after graduation, I said "no, everyone is so uptight there and always busy with a million things." Well, I caught what they call "Potomac Fever" and after graduation and a trip to Hawaii, I drove back across the country and settled in Fairfax, VA (about 20 miles outside of DC) to start working full-time for the same firm I'd interned with. Six years later, I've morphed into one of those always busy (but not uptight) people and I'm still here doing financial planning (and loving every minute of it), living in my townhouse, and enjoying the awesome opportunities I've been able to have over the last ten years ...

Life has been anything but boring for me since graduation! Certainly not the life I'd ever thought would be mine, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I really enjoy being in the Washington DC area with so much excitement going on and so many things to do and see. I love to travel, and have been able to do pack a lot of it in the last few years. I've travelled all over the country and I've fallen in love with the East Coast (except for maybe the humidiy). I've also enjoyed some incredible time in Europe, visiting London, Ireland, Italy, and Malta. My passion for baseball has continued and by Labor Day I will complete my goal of going to a game in every MLB ballpark (only 2 left). I'll let you all know when to tune in to ESPN for my story (ha ha)! Its kind of the joke around the office that I'm always going somewhere or doing something exciting (not a bad reputation to have). Each Monday, everyone asks where I have been that weekend, and they all try to live vicariously through me. In my "free time" (when I am not working or travelling or doing something for church), I did a couple triathlons last year, and I've recently started taking tennis lessons. I figure I need to take advantage of everything while I can!

I won't be able to make it to the reunion this time, but I've loved catching up with everyone (thanks to modern technologies of blogs and Facebook)! Have a great time and I'll be anxious to see pictures of everything here.

Shanna Lillywhite

Class of '98 Today...

Matt Garner

What! I'm on the Losties List. If there was a get lost list I'd probably be on that too. :) Wow, The last ten years have been a blur, Kind of like high school. here are the stats my of the last ten years.
Mission - Yes, Lansing Michigan
Married - Yes, Going on nine years now
Kids - No, little people frighten me, but I have a dog and a cat
Place of Residence - Bountiful and now Salt lake, We've owned our home for about six years.
Occupations - Custodian, Stage Hand, Accounting Assistant, Accounts Reveivable Manger and currently a staff accountant at Galileo Processing "I feel like I'm filling out a job application"
School - I still attending LDS Business College "I'm a Slow Learner"
Man, Looking back at my last ten years, they have been AWESOME, I bet you're so jealous. Hope to see you at the Reunion "If they let me in".

Class of '98 Today...

Rhiannon (Bent) Goble

After Viewmont I went to Southern Utah University where I got a BA in communication with an emphasis in journalism and interpersonal communication. Looking back it seems like I made it my goal to become super student, writing for the student newspaper and lit magazine, being in student government, and leading various honor societies. I loved school so much that when I graduated I moved right on to grad school at Washington State University for an MA in communication. There I started a teaching assistantship, taking on my very own news writing classes. After six straight years of college I was finally ready to move onto a "real" job. The one I ended up landing was the only teaching job I applied for, which was at Dixie State College in St. George. I never wanted to be a teacher, and I certainly never expected to teach college at 24, but I've been here ever since. I guess I am forever meant to be on a college campus. I was just promoted to assistant professor of communication with tenure. I also advise the student newspaper, which provides me with all sorts of drama for which I do not get paid enough (like menacing phone calls from scorned sources and 6 a.m. text messages from students in some dire situation). I am also a freelance writer and have a pretty regular gig with St. George Magazine, and a few other things here and there. But really I'm just biding my time until I can join the Pussycat Dolls and shimmy across a stage in 6-inch thigh-high boots.

After a string of bad roommates and social interaction via a stereotypically painful singles ward (not to mention a few students who wrote their phone numbers on final exam scantrons), I was finally rescued by Mark Goble, whom I married last July. And no, he was not one of my students! He is a landscape architect for the city of St. George. He actually did the design work for a huge new park built in the area most damaged by the flood a few years ago, so it's pretty cool to see the fruits of his labors. He's from Nephi. We have no idea what's next for us in life, aside from a totally awesome reunion on Friday!
Mikelle (Nyborg) Bunker

I love this blog. It's been so fun! I can't believe it's been ten years! I don't feel that old yet. However, I do feel like a different person. After high school, I headed straight to BYU and danced with the Cougarettes. School and grades became less important as playing, friends, and dating became priority. Like many, I played a ton! I lived in LA for a summer, New York City the next summer, had a short stint with a professional dance company, and graduated in Fitness & Wellness Management with a Business minor. At BYU, I met so many great friends from all over the country and somehow knew I'd never make it back to Utah :( I'm sometimes envious of all of you that live close to family and see each other often.

In my last year at BYU, I met Blake from Mesa, AZ. He's amazing (don't we all think our spouses are) and I'm so grateful for him. We were married in May 2004 and moved to Arizona. We lived there for 2 years and I taught dance at a wonderful studio. Blake was ready to make a career change (life as a CPA did not suite him), so we moved to beautiful California. We live 5 miles from Laguna Beach and we love it! I'm still teaching dance - I travel often to choreograph at various studios - and Blake works in acquisitions/development at Shea Properties along with getting his MBA at UCLA. No kids yet, but hopefully soon! I definitely can't complain about life. I love summer. I love the beach. I love that many people vacation where I live and I get to see them! I hope that more of you post your updates; I didn't want to post either, but just do it! Have fun at the reunion! I would really like to see everyone! I wish I could be there! Email me at
Mary Pitt & Sam Hess

Viewmont class of '98

So are we feeling old yet? In some ways it feels like high school was
about a week ago...and yet sometimes it feels like it was about 20
years ago. However, regardless whether time has flown or crawled by
for you, I think one thing we could all agree on is that most of us
are probably not exactly where we thought we would be ten years from
our high school graduation. I have to laugh, cause in our yearbook we
were asked where we thought we'd be in twenty years and I put,
"Happily married with 12 children." Well, in order for that to come
true, I would have to get married tomorrow and start boppin' out the
kids, with a couple sets of twins along the way. Ummm...that's not
gonna happen. :) However, before I give my brief 10-year history, I
just wanted to say thank you to those who have given your updates. It
really is fun and interesting to see where everyone is in life. And
that's why I thought I'd contribute: since I've appreciated and
enjoyed hearing from all of you, maybe someone out there would like to
hear from me. But then again, maybe not. :) Also, since Sam Hess
(our former Sudent Body VP) isn't able to contribute his update, I
hope you don't mind if I do it for him.
Following graduation, I moved to Rexburg where I attended Ricks/BYUI
for a year and learned that I really hate cold weather. After a year
there, I transferred to BYU in Provo...where it was [a bit] warmer.
Sam left for his mission to Brazil, Porte Alegre South, Sept 23, 1998
where he fell in LOVE with the Brazilian people. He had the
opportunity to put together a version of the the musical "From
Cumorah's Hill" (he translated the music into Portugese) with the help
of another elder, and together they were able to help the missionary
work move forward through music. He loved it. He returned on August
24, 2000 and started school at BYU a few days later, majoring in
theater/media arts (which probably comes as no surprise since he'd
been making movies his whole life).
Sam and I dated for nine months and got engaged on May 26, 2001.
However, a few months later of July 25th, Sam was diagnosed with
non-hodgkins lymphoblastic lymphoma...cancer. The doctors were
optimistic and gave him a good prognosis. He went into remission soon
after until he relapsed in Feb.2002. After more chemo, radiation, and
a transplant, Sam passed away on June 23, 2002. Since then, I believe
he has continued with the missionary work and music he came to love so
much on his [first] mission to Brazil. And, I know he would be mad at
me if I don't say what I KNOW he wants me to say...and that is,
"Yo-dudes, you all better be makin' sure your getting ready for the
REAL Viewmont class of '98 reunion that will be taking place one day
in a far better place. And don't even think about not being there
unless you're willing to face the big-dawg...and I'm not talking about
After Sam's death, I finished my last semester at BYU where I
graduated with a BA in English. Since then, let's just say I've tried
my hand at teaching seminary, kids' theater classes, I worked at Great
Harvest and started cosmetology school. However, nothing has fit and
I'm still trying to figure out Plan B. I miss Sam terribly, but I
know we are both where we need to be at this time.
These past ten years I've learned some things I never wanted to learn,
but I've learned some valuable things as well. Things like: Don't
wear rubber-soled shoes during winters in Rexburg unless you want to
fall and break your arm (the same week as finals!); laundry you do at
college NEVER smells as good or gets as clean as when your mom does
it; and that to have loved and been loved is one of the greatest gifts
any of us can ever be given.
I look forward to seeing all of you and hope that these past ten years
have brought you a little bit of learning but a LOT of love.

Mary Elizabeth Pitt

Class of '98 Today...

Tricia (Moon) Molen

It has been so great to read up on everyone's adventures since high
school. I guess I won't waste anymore time taking my turn. After
graduation, I went to LDSBC for one year to major in Interior Design.
Unfortunately I took more interest in boys and dating than I did in
school. Eventually this worked in my favor. I met my husband Bryan
from South Jordan, in March of 1999. By December, we were married.
That fall I worked, saved, and planned a wedding and moved to St.
George in Jan. of 2000. Bryan attended Dixie while I had to pursue
something other than Interior Design. Dixie didn't offer my program so
I went to cosmetology school. In Jan. of 2001 we moved to Bozeman,
Montana so Bryan could finish his degree in Cell Biology and
Neuroscience (he's a smarty…..pants). I continued my work as a
stylist…..again another University… Interior Design program.
During our 3 years there, my mother passed away unexpectedly in Nov.
of 2001 while awaiting the arrival of our "surprise" to come. In May
of 2002, Alyssa (6) was born. Bryan finished school and we moved back
to Utah to be by family while awaiting medical school acceptance. We
waited a year longer than we wanted and then in 2005 Bryan was
accepted to Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in
Philadelphia a.k.a Killadelphia. In March of 2006, Mason (2), joined
the fam. So here we live in Killadelphia trying to avoid from getting
shot. So far, we're safe. Despite the crime, I absolutely love it
here! It's been a great opportunity for my family to be on the East
Coast. There is so much to see and do and enjoy and our time here is
quickly coming to an end. Bryan graduates in May of 2009 and then he
has to do a three year residency. We don't know where that will be but
we are hoping for somewhere west of the Mississippi.
After working full time as a stylist, managing salons, and being
Mom, I decided to cut back a year ago. So now I am a stay-at-home
stylist one day a week and full-time Mom. Still isn't the time to get
the degree of my dreams….but I have earned degree's in (including but
not limited to) Hannah Montana, diaper changing, Batman, how to
combat 6 year old rationale, how to support your spouse through a
medical program, and how to keep a straight face and look really upset
when you want to burst out laughing. Oh, and apparently being a
stylist means being a therapist too. But I didn't like earning that
one. So I feel accomplished! Life's been good to me these past ten
years. I have had many up's and down's and I can't wait to see what
the next ten will bring. Sadly, because of the distance, I won't be
able to make it to the reunion. Obviously much time and effort has
gone in to organizing everything…..thanks Brittney and Kirsten. It would have been nice to see familiar faces
and old friends and catch up. Keep this blog going……it's been so fun.
So here's to the next ten for everyone, hope it is happy and healthy.
If anyone wants to drop in and say "hey", please do. Our family blog
is and my e-mail is

Class of '98 Today...

Scott Leishman
Here is my blog site if anyone is interested

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Class of '98 Today...

Mystery Couple

Mystery Couple
The female writing this blog is a Viewmont class of '98 graduate. The male writing this blog is a Viewmont class of '98 graduate. We are writing it together. We are using the same computer at the same time because we share the same house. We drive the same car. We have the same daughters. We sit on the same pew. Yes folks, it's true; two of your fellow classmates were wed four years ago. We are blogging to officially let it be known that it is possible, even highly likely, for good things to happen when you re-unite with members of the Viewmont High graduating class of 1998.
Following are some clues as to who we are. The first person to post a comment with our correct identification will win a prize. And—oh—it's a good prize. We will give the prize at the reunion.
His biggest relief since graduation: moving away from Davis County to avoid the awkward moments with Ike Yospe in the cold cereal aisle at Dick's.
Her biggest relief since graduation: that our daughters have turned out well, despite Mr. Jackson's repeated concerns that I sat next to the 'radioactive materials' closet day after day after day . . .
His biggest accomplishment during high school: scaling the front fa├žade of Viewmont High
Her biggest accomplishment: getting Sam Hess banished from Mme. DuBois class
His most frustrating obstacle during high school: coming face to face with Brett Ihler down Stud Hall
Her most frustrating obstacle: the choir dresses always clashed with her hair color
What he misses most: Mr. Norton's stinky experiments
What she misses most: biting the heads off of tiny red Pooka bears
His favorite hobby during h.s.: The Calculus
Her favorite hobby: writing for the Danegeld
What brought her the most angst: trying to look cool during stomps
What brought him the most angst: I didn't have any angst in high school
The most enjoyable thing he's experienced since h.s.: discovering my sweetheart
Her biggest surprise in the past 10 years: marrying the dimpled boy I met in 7th grade
Her dream for the future: being published as a children's book author
His dream for the future: to make it to the 20-year reunion

Current stats: We live in Hillsboro Oregon where Mr. ____ works as an Electrical Engineer and Mrs. _____ teaches children's dance. We have two daughters and an imaginary kitty cat.

Class of '98 Today...

Dave Barton

After graduating from Viewmont, I attended Utah State for a year. Then, much to my relief, I went on to serve in the decidedly un-third world Iowa Des Moines Mission. I'll gladly take steak and corn on the cob over chicken foot stew any day of the week. Once I got home, I returned to USU to pursue a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. My last year of school, I started dating Kristen Andrews, a native of Price, Utah. We were married on May 7, 2004, a week after I became a college grad.

We lived in Logan for another year while Kristen finished school, then we moved down to the Salt Lake area. In May of '07, we bought a townhome in the Daybreak development in South Jordan. Currently I am working as a Graphic Designer for Salt City Candle Company. A one man "creative team," I design all of their catalogs, packaging, and marketing collateral. Also, I pretty much always smell like apples and cinnamon.

And lasty, our first addition, Edward James Barton, was just born on May 3rd. He always keeps things interesting for his first-time parents. He is a spittin' image of his daddy, only he doesn't smell quite as sweet. We are considering making an appearance at the picnic on Saturday because we have never had $10 popsicles before. They must be delicious.

And yes, we too have a blog (, where you can find updates on the fam, as well as my random thoughts on movies and pop culture.

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Class of '98 Today...

Marissa (Bench) Browning

After Viewmont, I attended Weber State University for two years. After changing my majors a few times, I settled with Political Science with law school on my mind. I served an LDS Mission England (London South). After the mission, I transferred to The University of Utah and received my Bachelor's degree in Political Science in 2004. After working at a law firm for a few years, I realized that law school didn't seem like a great fit anymore. I currently work as a paralegal for the LDS Church working in Intellectual Property focusing on music copyright.

I married Jacob Browning four years ago. We actually met at Viewmont (he graduated in 1997), but didn't date until later (I was the last person that thought I'd marry someone from High School!). Jake currently works as a Mechanical Engineer for Van Boerum and Frank in Salt Lake. We work within a few blocks of each other and get to carpool to work together.

We currently reside in Salt Lake City and keep busy with home improvements/ gardening, running, teaching piano lessons and traveling. No children yet . . . but we are very hopeful! The last ten years have been growing time. It is wonderful to see old faces/names again on this blog and I look forward to the reunion!


Thanks all for signing up for the golf tournament...good luck to the teams that entered, and here they are. If you paid and don't see your name, then contact us.

Spencer Garlick
Mike Holt
Jeff Bailey
Eric Johnson
Dave Burns
Marcus Tadje
Aron Simkins
Nate Howard
Bradon Koon
Jared Dabling
Eric VanBrocklin
Les Essig
Mike Packer
Mike Steed
Nate Aston
Justin VanAusdal
Nick Salmon
Alex Higgins

Tickets for the other two events are still being sold until tomorrow Friday, July 4th.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wednesday....last day to sign up for the golf tourn

Thanks to all of you who have paid for your tickets so far, we will have a fun group at the reunion and will miss those of you that won't be there. You can sign up for golf until tomorrow (Wednesday the 2nd) and can buy tickets for the other events until Friday, July 4th. See ya there!