Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Class of '98 Today...

Mystery Couple

Mystery Couple
The female writing this blog is a Viewmont class of '98 graduate. The male writing this blog is a Viewmont class of '98 graduate. We are writing it together. We are using the same computer at the same time because we share the same house. We drive the same car. We have the same daughters. We sit on the same pew. Yes folks, it's true; two of your fellow classmates were wed four years ago. We are blogging to officially let it be known that it is possible, even highly likely, for good things to happen when you re-unite with members of the Viewmont High graduating class of 1998.
Following are some clues as to who we are. The first person to post a comment with our correct identification will win a prize. And—oh—it's a good prize. We will give the prize at the reunion.
His biggest relief since graduation: moving away from Davis County to avoid the awkward moments with Ike Yospe in the cold cereal aisle at Dick's.
Her biggest relief since graduation: that our daughters have turned out well, despite Mr. Jackson's repeated concerns that I sat next to the 'radioactive materials' closet day after day after day . . .
His biggest accomplishment during high school: scaling the front fa├žade of Viewmont High
Her biggest accomplishment: getting Sam Hess banished from Mme. DuBois class
His most frustrating obstacle during high school: coming face to face with Brett Ihler down Stud Hall
Her most frustrating obstacle: the choir dresses always clashed with her hair color
What he misses most: Mr. Norton's stinky experiments
What she misses most: biting the heads off of tiny red Pooka bears
His favorite hobby during h.s.: The Calculus
Her favorite hobby: writing for the Danegeld
What brought her the most angst: trying to look cool during stomps
What brought him the most angst: I didn't have any angst in high school
The most enjoyable thing he's experienced since h.s.: discovering my sweetheart
Her biggest surprise in the past 10 years: marrying the dimpled boy I met in 7th grade
Her dream for the future: being published as a children's book author
His dream for the future: to make it to the 20-year reunion

Current stats: We live in Hillsboro Oregon where Mr. ____ works as an Electrical Engineer and Mrs. _____ teaches children's dance. We have two daughters and an imaginary kitty cat.


Ike said...

Whoever you are, at least you know how to spell "aisle" correctly.

I'm going to guess Richard Allred and Sally June Anderson? I swear you guys got married. If you didn't I'll be forever embarassed and won't be attending our 20 year reunion either.

Thanks a lot for inviting me to the reception. By the way, I was being sarcastic.

Sherri said...

I think Ike got it right.

Kierstin said...

Shelly and Ivan Cutler.

janeal said...

No, it can't be Shelly and Ivan because I believe they are still in Utah and I believe they shop at Target. I know because that's where I run into them! :)

Ivan & Shelley said...

It's Sally June and Richard Allred....We don't any have redheads at our house. Besides, we still live in utah or least I think we do.

Crazy A's said...

I will guess Burns, but not David...the other Burns...Salli June (Burns) Allred. Also Richard of the same last name.

SalliJune said...

Ike Yospe, you are the winner! But you can't be mad about not being invited to the reception because you didn't send me one of those letters on your mission :) I'll try to forgive you if you forgive us. Deal?
Thanks for acknowledging my spelling. I wish they had a Spelling B for adults. Maybe we could have one at our 20 year. Now wouldn't that pack 'em in?!

Ike said...


Obviously I don't know how to spell as I even spelled your name wrong. Sorry about that.

Even though I didn't make it to the reunion, I'm still expecting my fabulous prize. Next time I'm in Oregon I'll stop by and get it, deal?