Thursday, July 10, 2008

Class of '98 Today...

Tricia (Moon) Molen

It has been so great to read up on everyone's adventures since high
school. I guess I won't waste anymore time taking my turn. After
graduation, I went to LDSBC for one year to major in Interior Design.
Unfortunately I took more interest in boys and dating than I did in
school. Eventually this worked in my favor. I met my husband Bryan
from South Jordan, in March of 1999. By December, we were married.
That fall I worked, saved, and planned a wedding and moved to St.
George in Jan. of 2000. Bryan attended Dixie while I had to pursue
something other than Interior Design. Dixie didn't offer my program so
I went to cosmetology school. In Jan. of 2001 we moved to Bozeman,
Montana so Bryan could finish his degree in Cell Biology and
Neuroscience (he's a smarty…..pants). I continued my work as a
stylist…..again another University… Interior Design program.
During our 3 years there, my mother passed away unexpectedly in Nov.
of 2001 while awaiting the arrival of our "surprise" to come. In May
of 2002, Alyssa (6) was born. Bryan finished school and we moved back
to Utah to be by family while awaiting medical school acceptance. We
waited a year longer than we wanted and then in 2005 Bryan was
accepted to Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in
Philadelphia a.k.a Killadelphia. In March of 2006, Mason (2), joined
the fam. So here we live in Killadelphia trying to avoid from getting
shot. So far, we're safe. Despite the crime, I absolutely love it
here! It's been a great opportunity for my family to be on the East
Coast. There is so much to see and do and enjoy and our time here is
quickly coming to an end. Bryan graduates in May of 2009 and then he
has to do a three year residency. We don't know where that will be but
we are hoping for somewhere west of the Mississippi.
After working full time as a stylist, managing salons, and being
Mom, I decided to cut back a year ago. So now I am a stay-at-home
stylist one day a week and full-time Mom. Still isn't the time to get
the degree of my dreams….but I have earned degree's in (including but
not limited to) Hannah Montana, diaper changing, Batman, how to
combat 6 year old rationale, how to support your spouse through a
medical program, and how to keep a straight face and look really upset
when you want to burst out laughing. Oh, and apparently being a
stylist means being a therapist too. But I didn't like earning that
one. So I feel accomplished! Life's been good to me these past ten
years. I have had many up's and down's and I can't wait to see what
the next ten will bring. Sadly, because of the distance, I won't be
able to make it to the reunion. Obviously much time and effort has
gone in to organizing everything…..thanks Brittney and Kirsten. It would have been nice to see familiar faces
and old friends and catch up. Keep this blog going……it's been so fun.
So here's to the next ten for everyone, hope it is happy and healthy.
If anyone wants to drop in and say "hey", please do. Our family blog
is and my e-mail is