Thursday, July 10, 2008

Class of '98 Today...

Matt Garner

What! I'm on the Losties List. If there was a get lost list I'd probably be on that too. :) Wow, The last ten years have been a blur, Kind of like high school. here are the stats my of the last ten years.
Mission - Yes, Lansing Michigan
Married - Yes, Going on nine years now
Kids - No, little people frighten me, but I have a dog and a cat
Place of Residence - Bountiful and now Salt lake, We've owned our home for about six years.
Occupations - Custodian, Stage Hand, Accounting Assistant, Accounts Reveivable Manger and currently a staff accountant at Galileo Processing "I feel like I'm filling out a job application"
School - I still attending LDS Business College "I'm a Slow Learner"
Man, Looking back at my last ten years, they have been AWESOME, I bet you're so jealous. Hope to see you at the Reunion "If they let me in".


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Mi Matt! It's been like a bazillion years! It's nice to see that you are so busy! =]