Thursday, July 3, 2008

Class of '98 Today...

Marissa (Bench) Browning

After Viewmont, I attended Weber State University for two years. After changing my majors a few times, I settled with Political Science with law school on my mind. I served an LDS Mission England (London South). After the mission, I transferred to The University of Utah and received my Bachelor's degree in Political Science in 2004. After working at a law firm for a few years, I realized that law school didn't seem like a great fit anymore. I currently work as a paralegal for the LDS Church working in Intellectual Property focusing on music copyright.

I married Jacob Browning four years ago. We actually met at Viewmont (he graduated in 1997), but didn't date until later (I was the last person that thought I'd marry someone from High School!). Jake currently works as a Mechanical Engineer for Van Boerum and Frank in Salt Lake. We work within a few blocks of each other and get to carpool to work together.

We currently reside in Salt Lake City and keep busy with home improvements/ gardening, running, teaching piano lessons and traveling. No children yet . . . but we are very hopeful! The last ten years have been growing time. It is wonderful to see old faces/names again on this blog and I look forward to the reunion!

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Andrea said...

Marissa... we have so much catching up to do! I need to let you in on all the details with the job, the move, etc. I won't be at the reunion, but maybe we can all get together next time I'm home. Keep in touch! You look beautiful, as always! :)