Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mary Pitt & Sam Hess

Viewmont class of '98

So are we feeling old yet? In some ways it feels like high school was
about a week ago...and yet sometimes it feels like it was about 20
years ago. However, regardless whether time has flown or crawled by
for you, I think one thing we could all agree on is that most of us
are probably not exactly where we thought we would be ten years from
our high school graduation. I have to laugh, cause in our yearbook we
were asked where we thought we'd be in twenty years and I put,
"Happily married with 12 children." Well, in order for that to come
true, I would have to get married tomorrow and start boppin' out the
kids, with a couple sets of twins along the way. Ummm...that's not
gonna happen. :) However, before I give my brief 10-year history, I
just wanted to say thank you to those who have given your updates. It
really is fun and interesting to see where everyone is in life. And
that's why I thought I'd contribute: since I've appreciated and
enjoyed hearing from all of you, maybe someone out there would like to
hear from me. But then again, maybe not. :) Also, since Sam Hess
(our former Sudent Body VP) isn't able to contribute his update, I
hope you don't mind if I do it for him.
Following graduation, I moved to Rexburg where I attended Ricks/BYUI
for a year and learned that I really hate cold weather. After a year
there, I transferred to BYU in Provo...where it was [a bit] warmer.
Sam left for his mission to Brazil, Porte Alegre South, Sept 23, 1998
where he fell in LOVE with the Brazilian people. He had the
opportunity to put together a version of the the musical "From
Cumorah's Hill" (he translated the music into Portugese) with the help
of another elder, and together they were able to help the missionary
work move forward through music. He loved it. He returned on August
24, 2000 and started school at BYU a few days later, majoring in
theater/media arts (which probably comes as no surprise since he'd
been making movies his whole life).
Sam and I dated for nine months and got engaged on May 26, 2001.
However, a few months later of July 25th, Sam was diagnosed with
non-hodgkins lymphoblastic lymphoma...cancer. The doctors were
optimistic and gave him a good prognosis. He went into remission soon
after until he relapsed in Feb.2002. After more chemo, radiation, and
a transplant, Sam passed away on June 23, 2002. Since then, I believe
he has continued with the missionary work and music he came to love so
much on his [first] mission to Brazil. And, I know he would be mad at
me if I don't say what I KNOW he wants me to say...and that is,
"Yo-dudes, you all better be makin' sure your getting ready for the
REAL Viewmont class of '98 reunion that will be taking place one day
in a far better place. And don't even think about not being there
unless you're willing to face the big-dawg...and I'm not talking about
After Sam's death, I finished my last semester at BYU where I
graduated with a BA in English. Since then, let's just say I've tried
my hand at teaching seminary, kids' theater classes, I worked at Great
Harvest and started cosmetology school. However, nothing has fit and
I'm still trying to figure out Plan B. I miss Sam terribly, but I
know we are both where we need to be at this time.
These past ten years I've learned some things I never wanted to learn,
but I've learned some valuable things as well. Things like: Don't
wear rubber-soled shoes during winters in Rexburg unless you want to
fall and break your arm (the same week as finals!); laundry you do at
college NEVER smells as good or gets as clean as when your mom does
it; and that to have loved and been loved is one of the greatest gifts
any of us can ever be given.
I look forward to seeing all of you and hope that these past ten years
have brought you a little bit of learning but a LOT of love.

Mary Elizabeth Pitt


ARRON N' L!SA said...

mary- thank you so much for the honesty in your post, i actually just read your article in wasatch womans world, and have been thinking about you, so here is one person who wanted to hear from you. :) see you friday.
~lisa felman echols

Celeste said...

Mary, I am really grateful that you posted that. Wow, what a journey you guys have been on. I hope you'll be there tommorrow, I'd love to see you.

Ang said...

Thank you Mary for sharing your heartfelt words. I can't imagine going through what you have had to go through in this life. My hat goes off to you and I wish you all the best. We need to get back in touch!

Natalie said...

Mary, that was beautiful...thank you for sharing. I know it was hard for me to share mine. You have always had such an amzing spirit and I can tell through your words that you still do. Thank you.

Natalie Nuzman Edwards

Kirsten said...

I sure hope you are coming...many people have asked about you. I would love to see you tomorrow!!!

T.A.T.I Crew said...

Oh, Pitters. How much I love you!

Thanks for updating all of us on your life and also Sam's.

You are an absolutely wonderful woman.

Oh- the freezing rubber sole comment made me laugh out loud. It instantly brought back so many of our fun memories at Ricks.