Thursday, June 12, 2008

Class of '98 Today...

Melissa (Grange) Pitcher

Ten years, WOW. I never thought this day would come so fast. Well, here is a little about what I have been up to since the great 98. I went to Ricks College following High School and ended up getting my degree in Paramedicine. This is where I met my wonderful husband Nathan Pitcher from Alberta, Canada. We were in our Paramedic classes together and did our first IV’s on each other so we say it was love at first stick. We did an internship in Kansas City, MO and went back for another semester. We got married on February 17th 2001 and moved to Colorado Springs, CO for our jobs here with the ambulance company and have been here ever since. I started to work part time at an orthodontic office being a technician in 2003 along with working part time on the ambulance and teaching CPR. Nate got on with the Colorado Springs Fire Department in 2004 and in June of that year our first son Kaden was born. Sixteen months later our second son Aaron was born. Those who have boys will agree that they are balls of energy, but they are so fun and sweet. I work occasionally here and there when they need me to, which is nice. My husband works a 24-hour schedule so we don’t have to do any daycare, which we are grateful for. I keep busy with the boys all three of them and being the primary president for our church ward. In my rare spare time I enjoy doing every crafty thing possible from painting to scrapbooking and sewing. Our family loves to be outside and to take in all of our Colorado surroundings. We are expecting our first little girl in August so I will be almost 9 months pregnant when I see all of you, but it sounds like I won’t be alone. I feel bad you don’t get to meet my best friend/eternal buddy because he has to work. He is such a great husband and a father and has been so supportive in all that I do. I love being a mom and being able to be a part of my kids lives everyday because they are growing so fast. I have grown and learned so many things about myself and life in ten years that I can truly say I am so happy to be where I am right now. I am grateful for all the experiences good or bad that have made me who I am today. I am excited to see everyone at the reunion, and to find out what each of you have been doing since our Viking days. Sorry the family picture is a little old.

Melissa (Grange) Pitcher


Andrea said...

Hello Melissa! If I remember right, you and your now husband took me in the ambulance to the hospital when I (first) hurt my knee at Ricks!!! Crazy how life brings people together. I'm so happy for you and the life you have. Hopefully we'll see you this summer.

tintinweewee said...

Hey Melissa!
You look just the same! Good for you :0) You seem to be doing really well for yourself and have a darling family. See you in a few weeks!
Kristen Willey