Sunday, June 29, 2008

Class of '98 Today...

Niki (Dutson) Rollins

Way to go Student Body Officers!! I knew we picked good ones! I'm
not familiar with how class reunions are run, but I can already tell
it will be better than my husbands. I'm bummed we'll miss it, but
look forward to reading the blog to catch up with classmates!

And now to sum up the last ten years...Ahem...I graduated from Weber
State with an Associates Degree and then moved to Provo to attend BYU.
I married Ben Rollins from Layton when he returned from his mission
and then graduated with a degree in Health Education and Special
Education from BYU. After Ben graduated the next year we moved to San
Jose, CA where I taught Sp Ed for half a school year until having my
first son, Luke, in Jan of 2004. We moved up the Bay to Lafayette, CA
so that Ben could be closer to San Francisco where he worked for The
Gap as a marketer. In the meantime I kept a busy schedule of poopy
diapers, playgroups, and birthing another bouncing boy, Caleb, in May
2006. We moved to NY last fall so that Ben could get his MBA at
Cornell and just 3 weeks ago we moved down to Philadelphia so that he
could complete an internship. We'll be going back to NY in August to
start his last year and coming this January we'll head all the way
down to Monterey, Mexico where Ben will finish his last semester study
abroad. Yep, we're taking the kids and only Ben speaks Spanish!
We'll see how that goes! Enjoy the reuniting and I look forward to
seeing pictures of all the fun events - maybe posted on the blog??
That would be great!

See you in another 10,
Niki (Dutson) Rollins


Kirsten said...

I almost didn't recognize you with the brown hair, very cute though. Sounds like life is an adventure for you, you are daring and I'm sure that will be fun to go to Mexico. Sounds like you are a great supportive wife too, that's awesome. We'll miss ya.

Metheus said...

Hey, I always wondered what happened to you after graduation. If you guys make your way to the city, give me a shout. It would be great to connect

Metheus said...

Oh, sorry, this is Brian Collet

Anonymous said...

Nikki, your family is so adorable! I'm jealous of your "jet set life!" :)
Jill Tingey