Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks for the UPDATES...

We have had an amazing response from those who are reading the updates. They are very interesting and fun to read. It's amazing what kinds of things happen in a 10 year period. Keep sending those in and we will post them accordingly.

Also, send in your payments asap so we have an idea of how much food we need to purchase and equipment we need to rent. The deadline in July 4th. Also, don't be offended if you just received your e-mail or never received one...remember there are 645 of you and it's a major balancing act to send out mass e-mails, not to mention gathering all the e-mail addresses.

We are really excited for the reunion. We have some fun prizes that Brittney and I have tracked down to give out...like Cherry Hill passes, gift certificates to all sorts of food places, HUGE VHS Fleece blankets, and I can't tell you the rest, that would ruin all the fun :) We will also be feasting on some fun things like Gourmet Designer cupcakes made by our very own Celeste (Miller) Davis, owner of Tiers of Joy Cakes, lots of fun nostalgic candies, and somewhere in there is a main course.

We are also excited for the golf tournament and picnic. We have rented a bouncy house and a bouncy slide, and will have Frisbees and other fun things for everyone to play with. We will be providing drinks and (popsicles or snow cones, not finalized yet), not to mention the best part, which will be meeting everyone's kids and spouses. Oh also, when 3 little naughty/energetic boys start causing havoc, don't be alarmed, they are mine. This will be the closing social and we would love to have the people that go to the Friday event, also attend the picnic if possible. They will be totally different atmospheres, hence the kids, and will both be a lot of fun.

Keep sending in those updates....and payments :)


Kirsten (Pack) Wright

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